TCP Academy is committed to offering an innovative education that fosters the development of virtuous, bold leaders who discover their sense of purpose and rise together and bring meaningful change to their community. In order to accomplish this mission we strive to provide unique educational opportunities for our students while hiring extremely talented and dedicated teachers (head coaches) who are devoted to loving and building meaningful relationships with each student. We also desire to make our tuition economically affordable by providing a guaranteed tuition rate and working towards having 50% of our students receiving a 70% scholarship or more.


To fully realize this vision, the school needs the generous support of people, foundations, corporations and local businesses. TCP Academy does not receiving any public funding; resulting in our school being completely funded through tuition and the support of private benefactors. 


TCP Academy is an independent, nonprofit Christian private school. We rely solely on the generosity of donors like you to fund the operations of our school and provide a margin of excellence for our educational programs and faculty benefits that provide them the security they deserve. 


When you give to TCP Academy, you are really giving thru TCP Academy because your generosity is being passed on to the students, the families, the faculty and the communities we serve and invest in. Think of TCP Academy as a vessel for your gifts to travel thru.   

There are multiple ways to give thru TCP Academy. Explore others Ways to Give

Giving is a reciprocal act of honor and love. 

An act that we all should Step Up to the Plate and swing for.

TCP Academy

Legacy Fund

Invest in the Hall-of-Fame legacy of TCP Academy

Founder's Scholarship Fund

Invest in the futures of worthy students and families



Provide TCP Academy with our classroom necessities

TCP Youth Empowerment Fund

Provide local low-income youth with after-school & summer programming opportunities

Want to give the gift of Time? Contact TCP Academy today to learn about our Volunteering needs.