Ways to Give to TCP Academy

If you would like to discuss making a donation to TCP Academy, please contact Andy Schindling at tcpacademymd@gmail.com

Monetary Gifts

Unlike other giving methods, monetary gifts provide an immediate benefit to TCP Academy and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law for the current tax year the gift is received. 

Checks (preferred method) can be made payable to:

TCP Academy

640 Ravenwood Dr.

Glen Burnie, MD 21060

One time or Monthly Donations 

You can donate online HERE

Matching Corporate Gifts

Many employers will match your charitable gifts, meaning your gifts are worth even more. If your company or firm has a matching gifts program, ask your personnel office for the form to enclose with your check.


Gifts-in-kind are items given for use through a program or project. Automobiles, trucks, boats, or building materials may be fully deductible, depending on the type of gift. Tangible personal property related to Rockbridge Academy’s tax exempt purposes and uses can be fully tax-deductible at their full fair market value. However, gifts that are not related to our tax-exempt purposes will be limited in deduction to the cost basis.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Accumulations in qualified retirement plans such as 401(k)s, IRAs and Keoghs can cause the value of many estates to rise above threshold values established by Congress, thus incurring federal, and possibly state, estate taxes. Careful planning can minimize the taxes due on retirement plan assets. One option is to designate a percentage of assets from the plan to Rockbridge Academy. Because such a gift is for charitable purposes, it is fully deductible from the estate, and can often result in more assets being received by heirs.

Planned Giving

Leave an Enduring Legacy

“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone? How else can we put ourselves in harmonious relation with the great verities and consolations of the infinite and the eternal?”

— Winston Churchill, Dundee, Scotland, 10 October 1908

Leave an enduring legacy of strengthening TCP Academy by providing support to the school through deferred gifts, bequests, or trust instruments. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your advisors to discuss your philanthropic goals and how you can include TCP Academy in your estate and financial plans. There are many ways you can ensure enduring support to the mission of TCP Academy through an endowment and other gifts. All discussions are confidential and are held without obligation.

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can name Rockbridge Academy the beneficiary (or co-beneficiary) on an existing life insurance policy. In the event of your death, Rockbridge receives the proceeds of the policy as a bequest, generating federal estate tax benefits.

If you also make Rockbridge Academy owner of the policy and relinquish all incidents of ownership, you can claim an immediate income tax deduction for the cash surrender value.

You can also purchase, through relatively modest annual gifts, a new policy naming Rockbridge Academy as beneficiary and owner. Not only will you be able to transform a small annual gift into a large one, you can claim the amount of the annual premium as an immediate charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

Contact TCP Academy today to discuss your Planned Giving ideas.