TCP Academy Events

Virtual Information Sessions

Interested in TCP Academy but unsure of who we are or what a Micro School is? Interested but unsure of the positive outcomes of social and emotional learning and how they could benefit your learner. Interested in but not familiar with the benefits of a project-based education and how they prepare students for real-world success.


Join us at one of our information sessions to learn all about TCP Academy's mission, approach to learning and the expected outcomes for TCP Academy students. You just may find out that TCP Academy is the school you have been searching for for your leaner. 

Upcoming Dates and Times

Coming Soon!

*Each information session is roughly 30-40 minutes 

** 12-15 person limit per session

TCP Wisdom Council

To bring about significant change in our community we have created the TCP Wisdom Council to create a collaborative and diverse platform of invested and passionate community members who desire to come together to co-create change. 

The purpose of the Wisdom Council is to connect over common themes - youth development, education and the needs of adolescents - through an Appreciative Inquiry approach that gives council members the floor to share their voices and be heard. Collaboratively, the Wisdom Council will explore and discover ideas on how we as a community can unite and break down barriers to create opportunities that best serve the needs of our youth in our surrounding communities.


As the name says, this is a Council to gain and share Wisdom. Each session will give participants an opportunity to openly and freely share their thoughts, ideas and opinions around a common theme or question. The Wisdom Council will be a place of UNITY and coming TOGETHER, therefore we will accept and respect each persons thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions. At the end of the day, the point of this council is to co-create ideas that bring about positive and meaningful change through new opportunities and initiatives for our youth. 

Upcoming Session

*Each session is roughly 60 minutes 

** 12-15 person limit per session