Our Why

After successfully running TCP Youth Empowerment for the last three years our Founder Andy Schindling wanted more. Realizing the importance of social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development among adolescents, and how he failed to reach his full potential as a professional athlete by not developing in these key areas, TCP Academy was born. 


Even though Andy excelled on the field he was plagued by a strong sense of insecurity, doubt, fear, and unworthiness when not competing between the lines. Off the field he was a shy, stay-to-himself kid who struggled to make genuine friendships with anyone other than his teammates because of social anxiety, therefore he never felt like he fit in.


As an athlete, even professionally, these off-the-field struggles led him to developing bad friendships, demoralizing habits and a lack of awareness of who he really was as a person and how he fit into the world. These issues eventually led Andy out of baseball and never reaching his full potential while living out his dream.


Andy is now fueled by his passion and desire to make sure no young person has to one day realize what he did - that they failed to reach their full potential after given an opportunity to live out their dream. 


Planted with a vision to equip students with a sense of purpose and direction that will guide them to becoming self-leading teens and adults, TCP Academy will empower and equip students with the mental, physical, spiritual and technical skills needed to reach their full potential.

Our Vision


Creating and fostering a community of invested stakeholders to equip students with a sense of purpose and direction that will guide them to becoming self-leading teens and adults.

Our Mission

Empowering virtuous students to discover their sense of purpose (uniqueness) while becoming bold leaders.

Our Philosophy

Focusing on the development of the social, emotional and cognitive skills of students in an inclusive, student-centered and challenging learning environment.

Our Values

  • Accountability: Holding ourselves to high standards & taking ownership of our impact.

  • Commitment: Dedicated to the Pursuit of Excellence & Delivering High Impact results.

  • Community: Bridging gaps to create a sense of community by driving ALL stakeholders to UNITY.

  • Excellence: Every day our school, staff, and students strive for and pursue excellence.

  • Faith: Exemplifying Christian beliefs and values in all decisions, actions and relationships.

  • Humility: Putting Others above Self – Stakeholders First expressed by Gratitude and Grace.

  • Service: Always seeking to Give Back, Partner with and Serve ALL Stakeholders.

  • Virtue: Displayed by our Actions, Words, and Interactions with ALL Stakeholders

What makes TCP Academy special?

TCP Academy puts learning in the hands of our students, embracing their uniqueness and individuality.


TCP Academy fosters deep, meaningful relationships by creating a sense of community among ALL stakeholders. 

TCP Academy gives students and parents a seat at the table where their voice is heard, acknowledged and appreciated.

TCP Academy inspires and promotes entrepreneurship, business, community service and engagement, and workforce awareness and preparedness.

TCP Academy develops a community of Virtuous Leaders Rising Together. 

School Leadership


Andy Schindling, Founder & Co-Teacher

After finishing his professional baseball career, Andy attended college and received a B.S in Business Administration; Management. Knowing he wanted to give back to the younger generations, Andy started The Complete Player Charity. After developing a curriculum around business, leadership and career awareness, Andy launched TCP Youth Empowerment, an after-school program mentoring middle and high school students that has served 100 low-income students in four schools in Anne Arundel County since January 2018. Andy has dedicated the last 24 months educating himself on his deep interest of the brain and how to to use neuroscience to connect the adolescent brain and SEL education.  


Along with serving students through TCP Youth Empowerment, Andy coached youth baseball from 2012-2020, where he finished his coaching career as an Assistant Coach at Bishop McNamara HS in Forestville, MD. 


Andy currently resides in Glen Burnie, MD where he lives with his wife Leanna, their cat Garfield, and his stepson Cole who is a HS baseball player in PA. 


Board Officers & Members

Dr. Bernadette Ortiz-Brewster, President – Director of Strategic Partnerships, Pearson Education

Andy Schindling, Founder, Vice President & School President – Founder & Executive Director, The Complete Player Charity & Founder of TCP Academy
Heather Woodward, Secretary - Director of Board Development and Strategic Planning, Pearson Online & Blended Learning

Scott Forney, Board Member - Assistant General Council, Beacon Street Services

Leslie Jefferson, Board Member – Community Engagement Coordinator & Grants Manager, The SEED School of Maryland

Jennifer Ozgur, Board Member – Founder & Owner, JenFormation.com and SELSolution

Brittany Stephens, Board Member – Strategy Manager, Collegiate Directions, Inc

Chris Thompson, Board Member - Academy Principal, Alexandria City Public Schools

Dr. Marco Clark, Board Emeritus – Executive Director and Assistant Professor of Education, St. Edwards University; Past President of Bishop McNamara High School (Forestville, MD)

Advisory & Committee Members

John Bjorn, Fundraising Committee Member – CRO, Protech Associates

Dr. Wes Huey, Board Member - Director, Learning and Development, Skyline Technology Solutions

Senator Ed Reilly, Board Advisor – Maryland Senator District 33