It’s Time for a Shift!

In a rapidly evolving world, it’s time for education to join the party. A shift in priorities must happen and happen now! 

Schools must get back to teaching and reinforcing life skills like personal finance, how to introduce and advocate for yourself, and equip students to be able to overcome obstacles life throws at them. Schools must start educating students on what the 21st century workforce looks like and start connecting the classroom to the business world to open their eyes to what their future could be. 


Schools must start preparing young people to enter the real-world fully equipped and prepared to effectively lead themselves and take charge of their future. 


That means schools must shift their focus to developing the whole child - their academic, mental, physical, spiritual, and life skills development - connecting learning to the real-world and strengthening each student's uniqueness and skill set. 


Blended Learning Model & Description
Student Agency & Growth Mindset visual
Project-based Learning components and benefits
Future Oriented learning

We Believe In...

Student-centered & Blended Learning: an active learning approach that encourages the discovery of knowledge while catering to the individual's learning style - how they learn and pace at which they learn - and their individual needs and abilities. This model addresses the distinct needs, interests, and aspirations of the individual student. Learn more

Student Agency: reflected by our belief in goal setting and achievement, a student agency learning model puts the ownership and responsibility of learning in the hands of the student, producing an increase in self-efficacy and a growth mindset. It also gives students a choice and voice in what they learn and an opportunity to strengthen their interests and passions. Learn more

Project-based Learning: an active learning approach that invites students to engage in real-world and personal projects that elicit the development of 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical and design thinking, collaboration and public speaking. Learn more

Future Oriented: guiding students to taking charge (ownership) of their future by instilling effective and reflective decision making, delaying gratification and building a long-term, goal-oriented mindset.

Is TCP Academy right for your family?


 TCP Academy is for:

  • Parents looking for a nontraditional school environment; especially, those whose child is not flourishing in current school setting

  • Children that want to explore and take initiative

  • Entrepreneurs, creators, leaders and out-of-the-box thinkers

  • Hands on, active learners who like to be challenged

  • Parents and students who desire to have a voice that is heard and have a say in their education

  • Students who want more time to explore their passions and interests

  • Families who like to get involved in their child’s education and in the community

  • Parents who want their child to develop strong, meaningful relationships with the teachers and peers

  • Children who need a peer pressure free environment

  • Families who like to get involved in their child’s education and in the community

  • People who value social, emotional and leadership development

  • Families who need a flexible school schedule due to youth sports or family obligations